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Shipment Parameters


Pieces up to 100 lbs/45 kgs per piece


Pieces up to 90 total inches (the sum of the height, width and length)



Special Commodities

Animal Shipments

PPS is the quickest way to get animals to their destination. For complete details about transporting animals, see Shipping Animals.

Dangerous Goods*

Please be aware that the only dangerous good allowed with PPS is Dry Ice.


PPS service for life-saving medical emergency and organ shipments.

PPS is cashless

Payment by credit card or an approved credit account is accepted at all dedicated PPS Centers and ticket counters that accept PPS shipments. Cash or checks are not accepted as a form of payment.

PPS Air Waybill (AWB) numbers

Your unique AWB number can be created at the PPS ticket counter or in advance by pre-booking online. If your business still requires a paper AWB, unnumbered paper stock is available at our PPS ticket counters or from your local sales representative. Please note: if you currently have numbered AWB’s, you can still continue to use them until the supply is exhausted.